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Covert Hidden Spy Security Cameras

Concealed security cameras for home or business

Covert Hidden Security Cameras   Covert hidden security cameras are a great choice for cctv security camera installations where you need to be able to record what is happening without anyone knowing they are being watched. The cameras in this category are wired or wireless style CCTV security cameras that need to be plugged into a VCR, DVR or PC-Based DVR for recording, providing a great solution for homes or businesses where hidden cameras are required. For more mobile temporary use applications, use the hidden nanny cameras found here, as these cameras have built-in recorders are are better for a more mobile temporary application.

   The cameras included below are a wired or wireless style covert CCTV security camera for permanent style installations that can deliver continuous live video feed to a DVR, TV, VCR or PC-Based DVR system.

Sony Covert Wide-Angle Pinhole CCD Hi-Resolution Motion Detector Spy Camera   
Hi-Res Covert Hidden Wide-Angle Color CCD Motion Detector Style Spy Security Camera
US $65.00
Sony Covert Wide-Angle Pinhole CCD Hi-Resolution Motion Detector Spy Camera with Infrared   
Hidden 540TVL Hi-Res Motion Detector Style Camera with IR Night Vision
Now with IR Night Vision up to 45'
US $85.00
CD-7402 Hidden Covert Smoke Detector Hidden Spy Camera   
Hi-Res Covert Smoke Detector Wide-Angle Color Hidden Security Camera with Audio
w/520 TVL SonyŽ CCD Image Sensor and built-in microphone
US $135.00
Sony Covert Pinhole CCD Hi-Resolution Sprinkler Spy Camera   
Covert Hidden CCD Hi-Res Sprinkler Style Spy Security Camera
US $65.00
Miniature Color CMOS Wired Spy Camera   
Miniature Color CMOSÿWired Spy Security Camera
US $30.00
No one will even notice this camera, as it looks like a standard marlboro cigarette pack, but is really a wireless spy camera   
Wireless Cigarette Pack Covert Hidden Mini Spy Color Security Camera
US $69.95
Miniature Wireless CMOS Nanny Camera w/9-volt battery adapter and full color video   
Wireless Covert Mini-Spy Pinhole Nanny Security Camera with RF Receiver
US $79.95
No one will suspect that you are wearing a wireless camera with this necktie   
Wireless Stylish Necktie Pinhole Covert Color Security Camera
US $89.95

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