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Encrypted Digital Audio/Video Baby Monitors

Secure Wireless Audio & Video Baby Monitors

Secure Wireless Encrypted Baby Monitors   Unfortunately for parents, most baby monitors that are on the market today use old analog video and/or audio wireless transmission. This produced static most of the time, which served to annoy the parents, but in the end would provide basic audio and video to watch their children. What many parents found out, was that their wireless baby monitor was actually inviting neighbors and anyone else to view or hear the inside of their homes.

Many would find this out, by accidentally picking up on an audio or video tranmission from a neighbor who was using the same type of baby monitor. Luckily, with newer wireless technology, our new wireless Digital Encrypted Baby monitors provide up to 200 meter range, with completely secure, encrypted digital audio and video transmission.

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Digital Wireless Secure Encrypted Wireless Baby Monitor   
Digital Wireless Secure Video Baby Monitor with Encrypted Audio/Video and 2-Way Audio
US $199.95


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