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Our H.264 Standalone DVR software allows you to view your security cameras live on PC, Mac, Android and iPhones
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Software for H.264 Standalone DVRs to allow access over internet from PC, Mac, iPhone, Android
Comes with PC and MAC software, PDA Software and Instructional Videos
Model #:  H264-Software
MSRP:  US $35.00
Now Only:  US $19.95
You Save:  US $15.05 (43%)
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H.264 Standalone DVR Remote Software Download & Videos

If your DVR menus look like the ones above, then this software should* work for you

H.264 Standalone DVR Software Downloads

These DVR softwares are compatible with our DVR-700x and DVR-88xxRT series Standalone DVRs. It should also work with DVRs purchased elsewhere, if the menus are similar to the menu images shown below. We cannot guarantee operation of this software with DVRs purchased elsewhere, nor will we be able to verify functionality of the software with any particular DVR.
H.264 Standalone DVR Software Download Purchase Includes:.

1. Windows DVRCMS Software

  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-Bit and 64-Bit Versions)
  • Allows connection to multiple DVRs Simultaneously
  • Playback Pre-recorded Video from DVR directly
  • Save video from your DVR to your PC over the Internet
  • Easily save and recall camera layouts
  • Backup video from DVR to AVI files (for playback on any PC)
  • Playback H.264 Video Files from USB Drive Backup

2. Mac DVR Play Software

  • Connect to Single DVR with Mac OSX 10.6 or above
  • Save Video from DVR to PC over the Internet
  • Playback Pre-recorded footage from DVR directly
  • Playback Pre-recorded footage from USB flash drive

3. Android and iPhone Software

  • View Live Video from iPhone and Android PDA phones
  • Save DVR connection information
  • Control PTZ Cameras from iPhone and Android phones

4. Instructional Videos for Setup and Use of Software

  • Fully Narrated Videos Walk you through Setup of Each Software
  • Additional Videos that show you configuration on our DVRs
  • Bonus Videos demonstrate internet router configuration


We know that you probably found our website from our great instructional YouTube videos, like thousands of people each day. We have decided to make our DVR software available to the public at slight cost to cover our cost of video production as well as server space and download bandwidth. You are also welcome to use our YouTube Videos for each of our Standalone DVRs.

We know that there are many CCTV dealers out there who know little to nothing about their products, and we know that there are many generic brand DVRs that look very similar to ours. We are glad that you have been able to use our videos to help you get your generic DVR setup. If the Menus in your generic H.264 Standalone DVR are similar to the images found below, then you should be able to use our DVR Software Downloads and our YouTube videos to connect to your DVR. If you are someone that is more comfortable having someone setup the software and port forwarding in your router for you, we also offer a remote software setup/configuration service found here.

DVR Type 1 (similar to our DVR-700x DVRs)

If your DVR has a menu like this one, then choose DVR Type 1, our H.264 Standalone DVR Software Downloads should work for you

There are many different brand and model DVRs that are similar to our DVR-700x DVRs. While we have discontinued these model DVRs in favor of our new Real Time H.264 DVR-88xxRT DVRs, these software downloads DO STAY backwards compatible with our DVR-700x Model 4, 8 and 16 Channel DVRs. Your DVR may be a generic DVR, Q-see brand, Nightowl brand or another brand or manufacturer, but if your menus are similar to the ones that are shown to the right, then most likely these software downloads will work with your DVR*


DVR Type 2 (similar to our DVR-88xxRT DVRs)

If your DVR has a menu like this one, then choose DVR Type 2, our H.264 Standalone DVR Software Downloads should work for you

This type of menu structure is employed by our latest version H.264 Standalone DVR, the DVR-88xxRT Series. If your DVR has similar menus, then there is a good possibility that this software will work for your DVR. This DVR also offers enhanced remote viewing capabilities, including multi-camera remote viewing from iPhone and Android devices.


*We cannot guarantee operation of the software with any specific brand or model DVR. Please do not call us to ask, because we will NOT be able to verify for you. Thank you

Another Option:
Buy a DVR that WILL work and has support

Our H.264 Standalone DVRs offer full remote viewing capabilities, come with all of the software for connecting, and are well-documented, providing you with the ability to easily see how to operate every function of your DVR. Unlike many competing models, our DVRs record at Full D1 Resolution at the full 30 FPS per camera (Real Time).

The Benefits of a Platinum CCTV™™ Standalone DVR do not end there though, we also include free remote setup of your internet connection and testing of the remote access. That way, when it comes to getting your DVR online, you can just sit back and watch as we perform the setup for you!
Our H.264 Standalone DVRs are Real Time Full D1 Resolution Recorders that come with the Standalone DVR Software Downloads already, as well as remote setup

DVR-8804RT - 4-Camera H.264 Real Time Full D1 Standalone DVR with Free Setup

DVR-8808RT - 8-Camera H.264 Real Time Full D1 Standalone DVR with Free Setup

DVR-8816RT - 16-Camera H.264 Real Time Full D1 Standalone DVR with Free Setup



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