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Security Eyes® 4-Channel Entry Level PCI 30fps DVR Card & Software w/Email and Cell-Phone Motion Alerts - Great for replacing an old VCR-Based CCTV System!
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Security Eyes? Budget 4-Channel Entry Level PCI 30fpsÿDVR Card & Software
Remote-viewing from a PC, Laptop or Windows Mobile PDAs
Model #:  D-300
Now Only:  US $65.00

Watch your security cameras on iPhone, Monitor Surveillance Cameras on Android and more with this DVR Card and included FREE multi-Camera streaming apps!


D-300 - Security Eyes 30 fps Entry-Level DVR Card/Software

Entry-Level PC-Based DVR Recording

  • 4-Camera 30 fps PCI DVR Card/Software
  • Records from cameras onto your PC
  • Adjustable Motion Detection Recording
  • Remote Viewing Software included for PC, and PDA

Great for...

  • Home or Small Business CCTV Camera Systems
  • Keep watch of what happens remotely
  • PC-Based DVR Recording onto your PC
  • Watching Employees
  • Keeping an Eye on your Children


This DVR Card is a great selection for entry-level home or small business security camera systems. The Security Eyes Pro DVR Card and software installs into your Windows XP or Windows Vista PC, allowing you to record from your Security Cameras directly onto your PC's Hard Drive. With the Security Eyes Entry-Level DVR Software, you can view Live and Pre-Recorded video directly on your PC's Monitor.

This PCI DVR Card provides basic remote viewing capabilities, allowing you to view your live cameras over the internet from a PC or Windows Mobile PDA phone. This DVR Card requires a Static IP address broadband intenet connection for remote viewing capabilities.





D-300 Security Eyes DVR Card Features:

  • Easily installs in your Windows XP, VISTA or Windows 7 (32-bit) Intel PC
  • View and Record Cameras Live on your PC Monitor
  • See all cameras at once, or 1 at a time during Live View and Playback modes
  • Built-in Motion Detection Recording for longer recording and faster playback
  • Internet Remote Viewing from PC, Laptop, or Windows Mobile PDA

Internet PC and PDA Remote Viewing:

Find out more about this Security Eyes DVR Card or System's remote viewing capabilities and demos



Security Eyes D-300 DVR Card Specifications

DVR Card
Video Formats NTSC & PAL
Resolutions Supported 320x240
Video Inputs 4 Channels (BNC Connectors)
Video Compression MPEG-4
Display Speed 30 fps (NTSC)
Recording Speed 30 fps (NTSC)
System Scalability Maximum 4 Card (16-Camera) system w/ total resource up to 120 fps
Recording Modes Motion Detection; Continuous; Scheduled
Remote Connection PC Client Software; PDA Client
Network Connection LAN, PTSN, ISDN, ADSL
(Static IP Required)
Alerts Cell-Phone or E-mail



D-300 Security Eyes DVR Card PC Requirements

Security Eyes
PC Requirements
Requirements for Viewing/Recording Video
Processor (CPU) Intel Dual Core CPU
*Will NOT work with AMD CPUs*
Memory (RAM) 1GB RAM or above
Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768 Resolution
Video Card ATI or NVidia 128 MB Video card
*Not On-Board Style*
Motherboard Intel Chipset Motherboard Recommended
PCI Requirements 1 PCI Slot and 1 IRQ per card
Hard Disk 100+ GB Hard Drive
Larger Drive = Longer Recording
Operating System Windows 7 or Vista (32-Bit Only)
Windows XP (Home or Pro)
Requirements for Network Features
Network Card 10/100 LAN Card or Above
Broadband Internet DSL, Cable or T1 with Static IP Address
(Email Alerts)
SMTP Server with Email Account
Cell-Phone Alerts 56kbps Data/Fax/Voice Modem


D-300 Security Eyes DVR Downloads and Instructional Videos:



Average Rating: 
  based on 10 Customer Reviews

Review On Feb 21, 2011 by Riley Vorhees of Las Vegas, NV
Title: easy to use
Comments: software is easy to use. the video dvd was pretty helpful in getting it setup too.

Review On Feb 11, 2011 by Levi B. of Rochester, MN
Title: records well
Comments: good motion recording. basic system but worth the money

Review On Feb 4, 2011 by Norm Marshall of Philadelphia, PA
Title: good budget system
Comments: this card was good, i used it with a couple of cameras that i already had and was able to get a system running to record. i liked the online videos and dvd that helped me get it set up and going.

Review On Feb 3, 2011 by Larry Mallory of Metropolis, IL
Title: Good home card
Comments: I installed this card in my home PC. I am NOT a techy guy, but the video DVD was great. I was able to quickly install the card into my PC and had it up and working quickly. great fast shipping too.

Review On Jul 11, 2008 by Robert V. of Portland, OR
Title: Great Picture - watch the PC specs
Comments: this card was a great starter card for recording from the cameras onto my pc. initially i had a little difficulty, because i didn''t watch the specifications carefully for the pc. i had an onboard video card, which wasnt supported, but after a call to tech support, they were able to help me quickly figure out what happened. as soon as i put in a 30$ video card into my pc, it started working well. i have been happy with it ever since.

Review On Mar 18, 2007 by Maurice of Santa Barbara, CA
Title: Good
Comments: I bought this dvr to secure my home. I found it a little bit slow to my pc although my pc has higher specs than the 1s mentioned in the products requirements. Anyways, it is not that bad!

Review On Sep 29, 2006 by jeff of Sacramento, CA
Title: Well worth it!!!
Comments: This is the Second DVR card I bought.Have the pico 2000 not an easy install and to view over the net was way to much work.I install this product in no time everything booted up great .Will pass it on to others

Review On Aug 12, 2006 by B Woods of Orlando, FL
Title: Great Entry Level Card
Comments: I have been an installer of Surveillance camera systems for a long time, and since I found this card, I have switched all of our entry-level home and business installations to the Security Eyes Pro Card.

Review On Aug 12, 2006 by Lee Yeung of Portland, OR
Title: Great Card
Comments: I installed this card to record my home, and I was very happy. Previously I had purchased one of the Pico2000 cards on Ebay, but it kept causing my machine to lock up. This card didn't have any of the same problems that the old card did. I even use it for viewing my cameras over the internet. Now I always know what is happening at my housr

Review On Feb 27, 2006 by F A of Witchita, KS
Title: Great DVR Card
Comments: Great Card easy to install and very clear.I personally Highly recomend this Card

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