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DVR-7004 and DVR-7008 H.264 Standalone DVR Downloads, Demos and Support

DVR700xS Standalone DVRs

Product Downloads and Resources



Software Downloads

If you purchased your camera system or DVR from Platinum CCTV -
Please email us including your order number, your email address and customer name, and we will email you the software downloads again.

If you purchased your DVR elsewhere,

H.264 DVR Software Downloads for DVR Purchased Elsewhere

Video Tutorials

These videos will show you how to plug in your cameras, plug in your new H.264 Standalone DVR and begin recording from your cameras
Once your DVR is plugged in, these videos will walk you through the basics of operation and Playback
Get it up and running, Fast.
Start your new Standalone DVR security camera system installation off on the right foot with our new narrated setup videos. These videos will walk you through plugging in your DVR to Power, Cameras and basic navigation of the user interface and playback of video.
View setup videos now
Learn to use the DVR, Fast.
Quickly learn to navigate the interface of your new h.264 Standalone DVR, so that you can use the DVR like you intended. These instructional videos are fully narrated and will show you exactly what to do to learn how to use your DVR quickly. And you can even play the videos on your PDA phone!
View basic use videos now
These videos will walk you through playing back video on your DVR as well as backing up video right onto your
Videos to help you customize the configuration of settings on your home or business H.264 Standalone DVR
Playback and Backup Video.
Once your DVR is recording, one of the most common activities will be playback of video and backing up video to a USB drive if something happens. These videos will help walk you through that process.
View playback videos now
Great, now customize it.
It's ok that you aren't a security professional. With us by your side, you don't need to be. The DVR is set up to start recording on motion detection as soon as you plug in your cameras, but in these instructional videos, we will walk you through the complete custom configuration of the settings of your new DVR.
View configuration videos now
Videos walk you through connecting your DVR to the Internet, Configuration of Port Forwarding in their Router, and connecting from PC, Laptop, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry
Videos to show how to Connect to your DVR from iPhone/iPad
Let's get it ONLINE.
The most popular feature of our H.264 Standalone DVRs is their online capabilities.  With these DVRs, you can connect in from a PC, Laptop, iPhone™, Android™ or BlackBerry™.  These videos will walk you through getting the DVR online for you to view from your PC and other PDA devices.
View internet setup videos now
View Cameras on your iPhone/iPad
This set of videos will jump you right to connection from your iPhone/iPad both over the LAN and over the Internet. This set of videos can stand alone, as it will walk you through the whole process of getting the DVR online and connecting in from your iPhone™
View iPhone™ setup videos
Videos to show how to Connect to your DVR from Android
Videos to demonstrate setup of optional PTZ Security Cameras
View Cameras on your Android.
For the Google Android™ lovers, this set of videos will walk you through start to finish how to get your new H.264 Standalone DVR online and connect in from your Android™ PDA phone both over WiFi as well as over 3G/4G internet connection. This set of videos is also able to stand alone, so prior configuration of the DVR for internet is not required, we will walk you through that as well.
View Android™ setup videos now
Ultimate Power in the palm of your hand.
Take your new home or business security camera system to the next level with our moving PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) security cameras.  These newe cameras offer you the ability to move them on the fly from your DVR or even from your Android™ or iPhone™ over the internet. Now YOU can be the coolest kid on the block.
View PTZ setup videos now
Buy Moving PTZ Cameras

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