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Android & iPhone Remote Security Cameras

View Home or Business Security Cameras from Cell Phones

Each of our PC-Based and Standalone DVR home and business security camera systems are remote viewable not only from a PC with internet connection, but also from various PDA phones like Android phones, BlackBerry phones, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows phones and more. Each system has different remote viewing capabilities from your PDA phone, both systems deliver live multi-camera streaming views of your cameras and PTZ camera control, while some of our systems include remote playback and input/output control like our Alnet PC based DVR & NVR Systems. Learn more about our remote viewing in the video below.

All of our PC Based and Standalone DVR camera systems have remote viewing capabilities from cell phones of different types. These systems each have varying capabilities and software for remote viewing.

Our new Real Time Full D1 H.264 Standalone DVRs provide excellent quality video recording for home and business surveillance camera installations. These DVRs allow you to remotely view your security cameras over the internet from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones and more.Our easiest to install system is our Real Time Full D1 H.264 Standalone DVR System. This system includes a separate DVR recorder, which the cameras will plug into and has a built-in hard drive.  This type of system is popular for both home and business installations, because it does not require a PC for recording. This makes this system easier to install. Simply plug the cameras into the DVR and then plug the DVR into your TV or monitor, and finally plug the DVR into your internet connection. Our H.264 Standalone DVRs and Security Camera Systems now have multi-camera live remote viewing from Android phones, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and BlackBerry PDA phones. With the included software, you can view cameras live, as well as control any PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) security cameras live on screen as well.

Our Alnet PC-Based DVR Cards and Systems offer the best remote viewing from a PC, laptop, iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry phone and more.Our popular Alnet PC-Based DVR Cards NVR software and security camera systems provide a more advanced system with the ability to view security cameras from your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android phone, BlackBerry Phone or Windows phones both Live as well as playback video on these devices. These systems consist of either IP Cameras connected over the network to a PC running the Alnet NVR software, or a PC with a DVR card allowing you to plug in traditional CCTV cameras to your computer. These systems use your computer (desktop style PC running Windows) as the DVR for your home or business security camera system.  Because of the increased processing capabilities of a computer in comparison to the more basic Standalone DVRs, it can re-process the video to help ensure a smoother video on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8 or BlackBerry by allowing you to control the video quality. The CMS Mobile software that operates with these systems provides a live view of your security cameras, multiple camera views, ability to control quality settings, ability to control outputs (can be used to turn lights on or off), watch inputs, control moving PTZ cameras and even playback video right on your phone. This software offers the best features and functionality from your PDA phones.

Now, select a Home or Business Security Camera System:

After watching the video above, you will see that each of our camera systems has different remote viewing capabilities. Our Standalone DVRs and systems offer a live view of your home or business security cameras on your PDA phones, as well as the ability to control PTZ cameras, while our Alnet PC-Based DVR Cards and systems will turn your PC into a powerful home or business security camera system that allows you to not only view live video, but also playback video on your phone and control digital inputs and outputs remotely as well. Regardless of which camera system you choose, all of our camera systems use your existing internet connection, so there are NO MONTHLY FEEs for viewing your cameras from your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android or PC. Below, select the type of camera system that you need for your home or business security camera system.

Alnet PC-Based DVRs and Systems

Our Alnet PC-Based DVR and NVR (IP Camera) recording software offers the best quality and features for remote viewing capabilities. These systems can be used to monitor your home or business security cameras over the internet even when you have a dynamic IP dsl or cable internet connection and can be easily configured to provide remote viewing from a PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones, Blackberry phones, Windows Mobile PDA phones, and any Java or Symbian enabled cell phones. Most of these CMS client softwares can provide live viewing of your cameras as well as playback of video from the server, control of PTZ cameras, control of inputs and outputs on the server and more. The PC client software can be adjusted to provide great real-time video even with slower internet connection speeds by reducing quality to adapt to your internet connection. These same remote client software applications work both with the traditional security cameras with DVR card/software as well as the Alnet Netstation NVR software for IP Cameras and MegaPixel IP cameras.

Supported Phones:
View Cameras on your Android PDA Phone View Security Cameras on your BlackBerry PDA phone View Security Cameras on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch View Surveillance Cameras on your Windows Phones

Standalone DVRs and Systems

Our H.264 Standalone DVRs are a great choice for easy to install and operate systems. Beyond their ease of use, these standalone DVR systems also have ability to remotely view your cameras over the internet from a PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile PDA phones. This advanced real-time Standalone DVR provides great remote viewing through internet explorer or included NetDVR software, or live streaming video through iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile apps. From a PC or Laptop, you can view live video through an Internet Explorer browser and view live or playback pre-recorded footage from your PC. You can even download video right to your PC over the internet. From an iPhone, Android phone, Blackberry phone, Windows Mobile phone, or Symbian phone, you can view live streaming video from your home or business security cameras in the phone's app that is included at no charge with the Standalone DVR which can stream up to 30 frames per second.

Supported Phones:
View Security Cameras on your Android PDA Phone View Security Cameras on your BlackBerry PDA phone View Security Cameras on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch View Surveillance Cameras on your Windows Phones

...or Pick your Phone

You can also pick your phone type below for more information specific to your phone type. These pages will show you additional information about viewing your home or business security cameras on your Android phone, BlackBerry phone, iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone 8.

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