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CCTV Accessory

With a CCTV system, the better the quality of CCTV accessories, such as cabling, adapters, lenses, microphones and power supplies, the better the CCTV system will work. We have selected the best CCTV accessories so that your system will work. Feel free to browse our CCTV accesory category though the following Quick Links. 

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 View details about each CCTV Accessory. In case you are interested to get more details about the CCTV Accesory you can contact us.


Selecting the appropriate cabling is critical for the picture quality and ease of installation of your system. Our cabling options include basic plug-and-play type cabling up to professional crimp-style shielded cabling. From Beginners to Experts, we have the cables that will suit your systems needs!


The best cameras in the world will not look good without the right lens. Selecting the right lens begins with quality. Our lenses, manufactured by Tokina, are manufactured under strict quality control standards, to ensure better picture quality than lenses that are double the cost! Selecting the right lens size can be a difficult process. Inside, we will help you find the right lens for your application.

Power Supplies

Clean, stable power is a necessary to get good picture quality from a camera. Our Power supplies provide that good clean voltage signal through proper regulation and protection circuits. If you want your cameras to last, good quality power supplies are a requirement

Brackets and Enclosures

What could be more important than holding your camera at the proper location or protecting it from the elements. Our brackets and enclosures make setting up your CS-Mount CCTV Cameras an EZ task.

Alarm Cards

Enhance your PC-Based DVR System by adding in Digital Inputs and Outputs. The Inputs allow you to connect your DVR PC to your Alarm system, to trigger recording, E-Mail alerts or Cell-Phone alerts when motion is detected or the Alarm is set off. Digital Outputs can be used to control lights, doors, locks, sirens and more

Audio Cards

Sometimes it is just not enough to see what is happening, sometimes you need to hear it as well! These audio cards will expand the functionality of your PC-Based Alnet DVR Surveillance System to record additional channels of audio!


Miniature microphones allow you to add audio recording to your standalone or PC-Based DVR! These powered microphones provide much better audio quality and range than passive style mics.

Fake Cameras

Half of the benefit of a surveillance system is Crime Prevention. When people see cameras, they think twice about committing a crime. That is why these fake cameras are so popular!

CCTV Accessory

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