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Android security camera viewing

Android Security Cameras - Viewing home and business security footage on Android PhonesAll of our security camera systems now have Android security camera viewing with industry-leading features! There are many security camera and surveillance camera systems on the market that allow for internet remote viewing, however for individuals who are on the go, it is generally more beneficial to be able to remotely view your security cameras from your Android or iPhone. Below, we will discuss several different types of systems which will permit various remote viewing capabilities. These systems will allow remote viewing both from 3G/4G as well as WiFi connections. For basic users, our Standalone DVRs and Systems containing these recorders will afford you a live view of your cameras, but for more advanced or demanding home or business owners, our Alnet PC Based DVR systems and High Definition MegaPixel IP camera systems are preferred. These systems offer greater features, including live view of multiple locations simultaneously, playback of video on your phone and even control of inputs and outputs that can be used to control lights, set off alarms, or even let you know when your sump-pump is overflowing with a water sensor.

Choose from the features below, to select a system that will provide the level of remote viewing desired from your Android PDA Phone, then follow the link to find a system that will suit your needs.


Standalone DVR Systems

Standalone DVR Systems do NOT require a PC for recording but can still be viewed from an Android Phone

While Standalone DVRs are more basic than our professional PC-based systems above, our complete line of DVR-88xxRT series Real Time H.264 Standalone DVRs work with Android PDA phones and many other phones. These DVRs have Android security cameras viewing which will allow you to stream live video onto your Android phone so that you can see in real time what is happening at your home or business while you are on the go. This easy to use application will allow you to connect to our DVR-88xxRT series Standalone DVRs to stream live video, save snapshots onto your phone and even control any PTZ style cameras. The newest free client software that is included with our DVRs also includes the ability to watch multiple cameras at once on your Android phone and even see cameras from several different locations at once. You don't have to be an expert to get your system up and running, because our technicians will even configure your internet connection for you, so all you will have to do is launch the app and start watching your cameras.

Standalone DVR Android Security Cameras

watch the video below to learn more

Find H.264 Standalone DVR Systems
with Android Remote Viewing


PC Based Alnet Systems
& HD IP Systems

Alnet PC-Based Systems offer the best Android Security Camera Viewing Our Alnet PC Based DVR cards and Hi-Def NVR systems offer the best quality security camera viewing from Android tablets and phones.  This system records from traditional CCTV security cameras onto a PC using a DVR card, or from HDTV IP Cameras onto a PC running the Alnet NVR software. Both systems use the same software for remote viewing, which delivers the ability to watch home and business security cameras over the internet live, control PTZ cameras, control home automation systems and even playback video right on your phone or tablet. These systems are the most sought after systems for both home and business owners due to the flexibility and features afforded. Due to the fact that a computer has more processing power than a traditional Standalone DVR, the video is even able to be re-processed to limit the needed bandwidth while still delivering optimum quality video.  To the non-tech geek, that means smoother video and better quality than other systems.

PC Based Android Security Cameras

watch the video below to learn more

Find Alnet PC-Based DVR and NVR Systems
with Android Camera Viewing

Android Remote Viewing System Comparison Chart

Standalone DVR
Alnet PC-Based
and HD Systems
Live Viewing
(up to 30 fps)*
Remote Playback of Video
Control of PTZ Cameras
Control of Inputs/Outputs
Save Snapshots onto phone
View Multiple DVRs or
Servers at once

* actual live video speed varies depending on internet and network connection

Once you have selected a system type, find YOUR system below

Now Find a Camera System with Android Support

click an option to select
system type Standalone DVR Alnet PC Based DVR HD IP Cameras
cameras 2-cameras 4-cameras 8-cameras
location indoor only outdoor only some of each
other features
infrared night-vision
hidden cameras
output to TV

  Home and Business Security Camera Systems...

...that Match your Selections

High Definition Business MegaPixel IP Cameras for HDTV Security HD-406-IH 4-Camera HD Indoor IP Camera System
  • 4 x HD Indoor Dome 2.0 MegaPixel IP Cameras
  • Alnet Netstation NVR Recording Software records from cameras onto your PC or Laptop
  • PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry Remote Live view and Playback
Now Only
Indoor Business Security Camera System with 4 Dome Cameras CD-400-CD 4-Camera Indoor Color Dome H.264 Standalone DVR System
  • 4 x Indoor Adjustable Zoom Dome Cameras
  • 4-Channel Real Time H.264 Standalone DVR
  • Plugs in to TV with VGA or BNC
  • Live iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Remote Viewing
Now Only
Home HDTV High Definition MegaPixel IP Camera System with iPhone access HD-406-OH 4-Camera HD Outdoor IP Camera System
  • 4 x HD Outdoor Armor Dome 2.0 MegaPixel IP Cameras
  • Alnet Netstation NVR Recording Software records from cameras onto your PC or Laptop
  • PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry Remote Live view and Playback
Now Only

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