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Security Cameras and DVR Systems


Platinum CCTV has been the preferred choice for home and business camera systems for over 10 Years. We stand behind our products, and provide lifetime technical support for each system that we sell. We are experts in CCTV system design, configuration and network/internet setup, so that you don't have to be. Trust your home security or business cctv cameras to an industry leading company with over 10 years experience helping people like you!

New HD IP Cameras for higher quality video recording for home and business

HD IP Cameras

Our new Platinum CCTV™ MegaPixel IP cameras are the clear choice for any new home or business security camera installations that demands high resolution video surveillance systems. These new High Definition cameras deliver 7-25 times the resolution of traditional security cameras and provide greater clarity of your home or business. Beware, as many cameras out there 'claim' to be HD resolution, but if they are rated in TVL (TV Lines) then it is NOT an HD Camera. Our HD IP Cameras are 2.0 MegaPixel Cameras deliver HD Video at 1600x1200 resolution, and are available in several different versions, all under $399 ea. Connect them to your standard network with a single CAT-5 or CAT-6 Ethernet Network cable, with PoE Support so only a single cable is needed to carry both power and network. With high definition video and the ability to zoom in, these new additions to our lineup make it easier to see what is happening.

View our full line of Platinum CCTV™ MegaPixel IP Cameras

These new Platinum CCTV Camera Systems will record in high definition from MegaPixel HDTV resolution IP Cameras onto a laptop or PC and allow remote viewing from iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

HD Camera Systems

HD security camera systems with everything needed to deliver great quality video recording onto any PC or laptop running on the network. These 2, 4, 8 and 16 camera systems provide HD resolution video and are ideal for any installation where high quality resolution is desired. Each system includes the HD IP cameras, Alnet Netstation NVR Software for recording and remote viewing, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Apps for remote viewing cameras and even the PoE switch(es) to provide power to each of the cameras. Simply plug the cameras into your network with CAT-5 or CAT-6 Ethernet cables, and install the software to begin recording what happens in your home or business in High Definition video quality. These new systems provide unparalleled video quality for the price.

View our full line of HD MegaPixel IP Camera Systems

HD Cameras let you still cover wide but zoom in for detail.

HD Cameras vs CCTV Cameras

Are HD Cameras really a superior product and worth it? A resounding YES, as long as the budget suits your needs, these cameras deliver great quality recording which permits you to see more of what is happening and even zoom in on live or pre-recorded footage. The image to the right will show you the difference between standard CCTV cameras (700TVL shown) and our new 2.0 MegaPixel HD Cameras. While either style of camera can be used to provide coverage of home and business, the HD cameras provide 7 times the quality of the CCTV Camera for more detail and better coverage. Platinum CCTV is a full service CCTV camera company offering solutions for both HD and CCTYV cameras.

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or Find a Traditional CCTV Camera System here

Home Security Camera Systems provide you with the ability to record what happens at your home and even view your cameras from the internet with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other PDA phones

Home Camera Camera Systems

There are many reasons that you may need home security cameras or DVR systems, ranging from annoying neighbors walking around on your property to monitoring nannies and babysitters taking care of your children. We have systems to suit any home, with covert indoor cameras for monitoring inside your home without anyone knowing and outdoor weatherproof infrared night vision for covering driveways, pools, backyards, decks and garage areas of your home.

View our HD Home Camera Systems

View our full line of Home Security Cameras and Systems

Business Security Camera Systems

Really watch what happens at your business, so that you can watch your cash register, employees, product and more. Systems include standard definition and high definition MegaPixel IP Cameras

Businesses of all types can benefit from security and surveillance cameras. Retail stores can use security cameras to watch customers and deter theft, as well as registers to monitor the cash flow into and out of your business. Restaurants often use security cameras to watch servers and customers alike, allowing better control of the customer experience. Warehouses and manufacturing facilities often use security cameras to monitor the flow and manufacturing of products in their facilities. Regardless of what type of business, our security camera systems deliver high quality video with either high definition or standard definition video quality.

View our HD Business Camera Systems

or find a Business CCTV Camera Systems

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New HD MegaPixel IP Cameras for HDTV resolution home and business security recording

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